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Applying to the Trust for a grant

The object of the Alice McCosh Trust is to advance education by providing or assisting with grants for work or study related to natural history and/or the environment. The Trust awards one-off grants in the region of £1000. Grants could be used, for example, to cover the cost of fieldwork undertaken as part of a research project, or the costs of producing materials that enhance knowledge and understanding of natural history and the environment, or that encourage people to engage with the environment and take action to protect it.

Applications are invited from individuals attached to institutions and those following a programme of study or qualification, as well as people engaged in private/personal study related to natural history and/or the environment. Several grants have been awarded and all can be found here to give you some idea of the sort of projects that have been funded to date.

1. Applicants can be any age and should be undertaking work or study related to natural history and/or the environment.

2. Applicants can be any nationality but preference will be given to individuals from (or work relating to) Scotland, England, Turkey or Uganda.

3. Applicants must begin their work within 12 months of receiving the award.

4. Projects that involve joining an existing organisation on a pre-paid tour or expedition will not be considered.

5. Requests for funding for taught degrees (including Masters degrees) will not be considered.

Application procedure:
1. Applicants should complete the application form, answering all the questions and keeping to the specified word limits. The final question (Q15) should not exceed one A4 page.

2. Your completed application form should be saved as a single Word or pdf document, with your full name as the file name. Please ensure the file size of your application is manageable.

3. Applications should be emailed to the Trust Secretary ( between 1st October and 30th November each year. (Applications received at other times, or sent by post, will not be considered.)

4. Applications will be assessed by the Trustees. We are unable to acknowledge receipt of applications, or give feedback on applications. However, all applicants will be informed of the outcome once a decision has been made, usually within three months of the closure date.

Award holders:
In accepting the award successful applicants agree to:

1. Acknowledge the grant in any written work or publications that arise out of the project.

2. Provide the Trust with a short written report (2-4 pages) of the project, together with photographs to be used on the Alice McCosh website. This must be provided within three months of completion of the work.

For further queries or information please e-mail the Trust Secretary on