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The Alice McCosh Trust was set up in memory of Alice McCosh (née Alice Carswell), (1966 – 2001).

Throughout Alice’s life she was passionate about natural history and the environment. She lived and travelled across many parts of the world, and studied and worked in these fields.

We have established the Trust in order to perpetuate Alice's name and her lifetime's work. The object of the Trust is to advance education by providing or assisting with grants for work or study related to natural history and/or the environment. In this way we hope to provide other young people with the opportunity to do the sorts of things that Alice loved.


Jan 2018. The deadline for the latest round of Alice McCosh awards has now passed, and the Trustees are shortlisting the applications. Applicants will hear more in the next few weeks.

July 2017. The 2016-17 grant was awarded to Charlotte Carne of the Species Recovery Trust, who will be working on a project to save one of Britain's rarest wildflowers, Field Gentian (Gentianella campestris).

FUND RAISING NEWS As part of our continuing fund-raising we have Notelets and Christmas Cards for sale. We have three different designs of card, and orders can be made here.